Making Waves in Vina! (Literally!)

Today I’m feeling a bit lazy and so I’m only writing in English…

Despite 3 days of incessant rain, I tried to explore Viña as best as I could, but I still managed to be stuck inside for the majority of it. Today we explored El Museo de Fonck, for 2,500 pesos ($3.71). It’s super cheap compared to US museums and it’s inside! It had 4 main sections, an area about La Isla de Pasuca (Easter Island), an Insect Collection, an animal and fish collection, and a section on the history of Chilean culture. I think I liked the animal collection the most because they had 3 different penguins on display (FYI penguins are my favorite animal)! After the museum, we decided to walk around and find a place to order warm drinks and a snack. On the way home, we stopped along the coast line to look at the waves. In case the American news has not shown it, the waves today have destroyed many of the houses and business along the coast. The waves are over 7 meters tall and they have breached the sea walls that separate the sandy beaches from the streets and sidewalks. The news was saying that these waves have been the largest and worst ones in over 70 years. The tides were so strong that the major port in Valpariso (the city ~10 minutes away from Viña) was closed because of the destruction. If you don’t believe me, check out this news website (it’s in Spanish but the videos are jaw dropping).

I also compiled a few videos that my friend Alison and I took of the waves today.

Hopefully this weather clears up soon! I just have to wait and see! Hasta mañana chicos!


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