My last weekend adventures!

So I’ve been a bit lazy in writing my posts, but here’s what I’ve been up to for my last weekend during my study abroad program!


Every week on Wednesday nights, a bar in Valparaiso offers free salsa and bachata dancing lessons for beginners. I had been wanting to go all semester long, but something seemed to always come up, so since this was one of the last chances I got, I made sure to go! Salsa dancing started at 11:30pm and we learned a couple of spins and the basic move. It was pretty straight forward and my partner and I had gotten the hang of it! I was feeling pretty confident, until the bar decided to play salsa music for free style dancing, and that’s where I realized I didn’t actually have the hang of salsa dancing. It was as if everything I had just been taught went in one way and out a completely different way! So I decided to wait for the bachata lesson before dancing again. The bachata lesson started at 1:30 am (yes, I know it was a school night! But it was my last chance to learn bachata!) Somehow I seemed to pick up bachata much easier than I did salsa, despite the dance we learned being more complicated. In the salsa class, it was just spinning in circles, but in the bachata class we did a lot of dips and drops. Something I was not expecting from a “beginner” class! So somehow, it was either because I had a piscola (pisco + coke) and felt a little more relaxed, my partner was a fantastic leader, or because bachata was a bit slower paced that I seemed to pick up bachata faster…


On Thursday evening the world cup qualifying game between the Chile and Colombia national teams was being played in Santiago. It was slightly too expensive to go to the game in Santiago ($250+ per ticket), so we stayed in Viña to watch the game at a local sports bar, “OH ceverceria”. Watching Chile play soccer at a sports bar was very similar to watching the Superbowl at a sports bar in the US. All the fans shout and yell at tv screen and they go CRAZY when their favorite team scores! Sadly the game ended in a tie, 1-1, but never the less it was quite the experience!


Friday was the prettiest day we have had in Viña, so since we didn’t have school we naturally headed to the beach to soak up the sun! From 11am to sunset (8:30pm) we chilled on the sand building castles, reading books, tanning, and eating ice cream! Lots and LOTS of ice cream! Friday reminded me of the days in high school when I would go visit the lake during the summer with Crystal, Caitlin, and Megan S. and we would just relax, laugh, and forget about the real world for a bit!


Saturday was almost just as pretty as Friday, so we decided to ride the micro over to Concón (30 min bus ride), and test our sandboarding skills! Sandboarding is just like snowboarding but instead of snow you have sand! In Concón there are giant sand dunes right next to the ocean, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean while sandboarding! It is also a beautiful place to watch the sunset over the ocean! One of the strangest things I never noticed about watching the sunset over the ocean is that once the sun sets, there is no more light on the horizon. The ocean is completely black! I mean it makes sense since there aren’t cities on the water, but actually watching the darkness of the night creep in and take over the ocean is pretty eerie and unsettling…


We spent our last Sunday at the beach again. It was slightly cloudy, so the ocean breeze was pretty chilly, but we were still able to build sandcastles, and bury each other in the sand turning ourselves into mermaids!

Tomorrow I have my final video project for my communications class to turn in so be sure to check it out in my next blog post! Hasta mañana chicos! Ciao!


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