1 more day of school!

I can’t believe it!!!!! My study abroad program finishes in just 2 days!!!! Are you kidding me?! Where did these last 3 months go?

I have to turn in my last Spanish essay tomorrow morning and I take my last final tomorrow afternoon. I have just ONE more day of school left…And these aren’t just my last days of school in Chile; they are my last days as an undergraduate student! After tomorrow, I will have successfully completed all my classes to graduate from the U of A with a double major in Physics and Astronomy and a double minor in Mathematics and Spanish!

That’s it! I am done! Completely and utterly finished…wow!

It’s not just where have these last 3 months gone, but also these last 4 years gone! I am about to be a class of 2015 alumni of the University of Arizona! Tell me that I am dreaming…please? Because this seems SO unreal!

Although I am not quite leaving Chile just yet on Saturday when the program ends, I am going to be leaving my host family! My host mom, brother, sisters, and lovely doggy have been so welcoming and patient with me as I struggle to speak Spanish that I am going to miss them sooo much! They have made me feel like I am a part of their family and let me tell you… it’s such a wonderful feeling to have when you are an extranjera in a foreign country. It makes homesickness not hit so hard when you are abroad. It makes actually being sick not feel like you are about to die a slow, painful death. It makes you laugh uncontrollably when they tell you about the time they thought a bat was a giant moth! And it makes you so happy when you find out your sister is about to experience motherhood for the first time in July of 2016! Basically, my heart has fallen in love with Chile these last 3 months!

Lucky for me on Saturday, I get to show my real parents and brother a little bit of this lovely country that has stolen my heart! Saturday morning my mom, dad, and brother from the US are coming to visit CHILE to tour the Santiago area with me! We have quite the adventure planned and I know they are going to enjoy it just as much I have! Today, I went to the bus company and bought my tickets to go greet them at the airport with the biggest hug and smile they have ever seen!

I also started packing my suitcase today, and unfortunately I bought a few too many things to take back to the States! Not everything fits!!!! Thankfully, mom and dad are bringing me an extra carryon bag to hold some of the souvenirs! Well that’s all for today! Hasta mañana chicos! Ciao!

Packing too many things in such little space…




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